The Remain cause, and Lord Adonis
Owen Jones

The thing is — this isn’t just about remain, or leave. That is not the argument that many on the remain side are now fighting.

There are many different ways to cut leave — and none of that was made clear during the referendum, and none of those options were laid out on the ballot paper.

BUT the leave side claim that the vote represented an endorsement for the most hard line, isolationist policy of all. Withdrawing from the single market, the customs union, ending free movement of people, pulling out of every European institution we can think of.

You can be outside the European Union and part of the single market and the customs union, and even Nigel Farrage and Aaron Banks said during the referendum campaign that they preferred the Norway model (in the single market) — a preference they have conveniently forgotten now.

Using the referendum result to pursue complete isolation from Europe is simply not democratic, and hardly gels with your ambition to have a brexit that protects rights — and yet it is a policy which Jeremy Corbyn seems more than happy to support the Tories on.

And isn’t that an important point? You can rail against the Lib Dems and the Blairites as much as you like, but when Jeremy Corbyn and the socialists take the decision to support the Tories on brexit — who else do you expect to make the argument?

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