Be my light

Hey.. I’ve been thinking a lot.

There’s something I have to tell you

A confession​ actually

I know we’ve been on and off

There have been weird moments

But no matter what, we’ve always kind of looked out for each other

You’d tell me everything will be okay.. I pour out my deepest fears

You’d come back to me with a rational answer… I’d never quite buy it

But I know deep inside, you’re breathing truth into me

I just wanted to tell you you’re a beautiful person, inside out

I love you… remember that

And the next time anything gets you down.. I’m here .. to love you and to get through it

Just keep watering your plants and fluff your pillows

Rest like a baby and keep me close to your heart

And know that no matter who disappoints you, you got me and we got this..

Yours truly,

The reflection in the mirror.