“La Dolce Far Niente”

I’m off to a cheesy start by stating that I spent an afternoon watching the movie Eat,pray, love and admittedly sad to say that it made me think about stuff. I flipped through channels in desperate hopes to find something that distracts me.. This movie was supposed to make me feel good inside as all Julia Roberts movies are devised to do… but I’m left with this pertinent question.. pecking on the inside of my head like a bad hangover.

When did we start feeling bad about not having plans for a given weekend? when did this insane feeling of FOMO (as they call it) take over our world and lives and behaviour.

TV shows and some friends seem to teach you that spending time at home, lying around completely useless on a weekend is a sad life.. the life of a loser. But why?

And yes, as you can see, I’m approaching my point. The quote above is not some Romance-y little takeaway from the film. I actually feel that having nothing to do is amazing and that’s what it tells us. That sometimes, just being here with my cat is the best thing… my hands behave otherwise.. I’m sadly conditioned to constantly check on what everyone’s up to.

Probably the reason I love murukami’s story telling is because he practices this saying in brilliant ways through his characters’ everyday life. Time stands still and the details of the moment are beautiful.. if you only take notice.

I’m done feeling low when I have no plans. My fingers may race for the phone but my mind’s at ease. I’ve finally come to accept it all.

To more doing nothing at all.