The last search…

He was always looking for an answer.. at least during his final moments.

I remember the glimmer in his eyes when he wanted to buy a new piece of gadget or a really good looking watch.

He’d stick his head into his phone and stay in the same pose for hours.. looking for something he loved, a place, a cure maybe to the disease that was killing him..

The answer was the same from everywhere but he was still searching.. and he didn’t want to take no for an answer.. until the very last time he was asked to leave the room by the doctor so he could tell us something in private.. he knew.. but he never gave up.

When he was in the hospital, I opened his search bar to discover this.

This is probably one of my dad’s last wishes .. one he spoke about all his life but never got to it. A German Shepherd.

Even if he didn’t get what he wanted.. the dog or the cure, I love him for looking… always curious, always searching.

For my part, I’ll always search for his beautiful qualities in the people I meet.

I miss you dad…

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