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PixelGrade Transparency Report #1

George Olaru
Jul 1, 2015 · 3 min read

How we are doing in the first six months of 2015

We are jumping on the whole transparency wagon and doing our part. We believe in staying honest both internally (this has been happening all along) and externally (this is just starting with this story).

To further help you get to grips with who we are I would recommend reading our saga. But in case you are in a rush, PixelGrade is a small team of talented and passionate individuals that like to spend their time creating and selling premium WordPress themes. Most of our themes are available through the Envato Marketplace, but you can find some special ones on platform and over on our newly launched Shop.

With that said let’s get down to some data about our activity.


To put things into perspective, I am going to compare the last six months of 2014 with the first six months of 2015.

After a great 2014 with 5 new themes, a support crew of 4 new members and a yearly growth of almost 350%, we’re at the half-way point of 2015 and this is what is happening so far:

1 new member joined the team: Robert, Happiness Hero

3 premium themes (Silk, Patch, Timber)
1 free plugin (Customify) — 1 free theme(Adler)

— new PixelGrade website and WordPress Themes Shop
new HelpDesk design and strategy


We’ve managed to keep a high level of income ($55k monthly average compared to the $44k of the last six month from the previous year) even while diversifying our points of distribution. Now represents a big chunk (close to 25%) and our own shop starts to get places (hopefully we will see it grow steadly over the coming months).

$55,320 monthly average (+24.68% — up from $44,370)
6,974 sales (+7.55% — up from 6484)
average theme revenue(+14% — up from $41)

Monthly Revenue Chart

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One interesting thing to note about the chart above, is that while generating a small amount of sales (20%), our Shop and generate a disproportionate amount of income (31%). That’s simply because there we have the freedom to set our own prices. Considering the effort and value we put into our themes, we sell them for $125 compared to the fixed price of around $58.

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Getting down to the knitty gritty aspect of expenses, we can happily say that we have managed to keep them in check, averaging $27k for the last six months.

$27,020 monthly average (+15.41% — up from $23,411). These include:
— 65% salaries
— 19% maintenance (rent, accounting fees, supplies, gardening, etc.)
— 16% occasional expenses (like hardware or office improvements)

It is important to note that we’ve had a major redesign of our office in the last couple of months, so those factor in as well.

One more thing you will notice above is that I haven’t mentioned marketing. That is because we don’t do marketing, at least not in the regular sense of buying ads or affiliate. We’ve had some minor tries at it but quickly found out it was not worth it and better focus on themes and let them promote by themselves.

Happiness team moving forward

Team wise, these first 6 months brought in Robert — a new Happiness Engineer, to allow us to better handle the kind of support we aim to offer. Right now the support team is on par with the development one. This was one goal we’ve imposed to ourselves as we believe support is equally important as development.

With that being said, this was our first attempt at transparency (at least money wise). I hope it will help you get some insight and answers. For the questions it may have generated, feel free to get in touch.

George and Vlad, Co-Founders of PixelGrade

George Olaru

Written by

A daydreaming designer with a desire to improve the world, to be a good and a meaningful person. I value calm but easily get excited by the next challenge.

George Olaru

Written by

A daydreaming designer with a desire to improve the world, to be a good and a meaningful person. I value calm but easily get excited by the next challenge.

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