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So, Arizona is buying a smart phone with no battery and no known or agreed price on the battery.

And if the battery price is outrageous, what then? Because it will be.

Here’s a softball question lobbed at the battery company by its in-house newsletter, and the answer:

Question: Is energy storage with batteries cost-effective today?

Answer: The cost effectiveness is probably limited to certain markets and applications. There are economic applications today in frequency regulation or ancillary services. There are some other pockets in which the high costs of new generation, high retail rates or high fuel costs might make the use of batteries economical. While there are costs to design and install battery applications, the cost of the battery itself is very important, especially as we scale up to larger projects. We expect the cost to come down with time, just as costs declined as solar technology improved and got more efficient.”

Let me paraphrase the answer: “No, it’s not cost effective.”

Once again the lefty-greenies get gamed by crony capitalists.

Thankfully, this time it’s by Fortis, a company in which I hold shares and which hasn’t been doing too well lately so the thought of Fortis pelfing a few electricity users and taxpayers is A-OK with me, especially if they are lefty-greeny nutjobs.

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