wFor those with photosensitive epilepsy, viewer discretion is advised.

“It looks like you’re dropping the most 🔥 mixtape of 2017”

That was an actual quote, after I showed one of my friends this video. It was just meant to be a little teaser to introduce my website to my online connections.

(I wanted to say ‘world’, but like, come on mate.)

My aim for the journal is to discuss my creative inputs and give a brief overview of the processes I went through to get to the final piece. So, let’s do it.

This original footage came from a Desiigner (kehkehkehkah) show at Electric Ballroom last year, where Timmy Timmy Timmy Turner himself played his first UK show and tore it down. Now although I don’t like people waving their phones around all night at concerts, I got a lot of sick footage that night so I’ll excuse myself. I think that should be a rule right? You’re allowed to film at concerts, but only if you transform it into some creative content. I’m glad that’s sorted.

I only had my iPhone 5S on me, and I remember having to delete a few apps as I was filming so much. I would film on either slow-mo (120fps in 1080p) or through Snapchat to post straight onto my Story. A benefit of filming through Snapchat was that the footage didn’t affect my iPhone memory, and I could retrieve it later if I wanted to (within 24 hours of posting).

I should note that when this footage was taken, Desiigner hadn’t even appeared yet. We had arrived just after Sneakbo (🌊) performed, and Desiigner’s DJ was warming the crowd up with Through The Late Night (featuring Kid Cudi) from Travis Scott’s Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. So the process to make this raw footage into what you’ve seen was pretty simple, only 4 steps really:

  1. Vertical mirror flip
  2. Monochrome filter
  3. Detach audio file
  4. Insert logo/text timed to soundtrack

(The reason for the vertical flip was because I didn’t feel there was much going on in the top third of the video. And as you may know, photography is very similar to ice hockey — it’s a game of thirds.)

The song I used is called Volcano by Woodkid. I originally came across the song after watching an advert on Sky Sports showing the first Premier League clash between José Mourinho and Pep Guardiola. You can imagine that was a few months ago now, but that song never left my Apple Music account since Shazam-ing it in October.

So I’ve got the video file, now what do I do with it? I guess I need to post it somewhere.

Well, the reason why I only posted it on Instagram is because the resolution of the video looks turruble (*Charles Barkley voice*) on any desktop computer or laptop screen. With Instagram, I can maintain video quality on mobile devices as well as track click-through analytics from my blasé “LINK IN BIO” caption.

I do have a load more footage from this night of Desiigner, which I hope to collate into another video in the future. Thank you for making it this far, if you have any questions — comment below.

More soon. GR.

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