5 years ago today… Now i’m here

5 years ago today…..

Last night I did something I don’t do very often, just because of the sheer B.S I have to sift through to get to the good stuff!


I was flicking through Facebook memories last night and I came across this:

5 years ago today I began my studies to become a Personal Trainer with YMCA Fit.

This came about after my basketball career and college education coming to an abrupt STOP.

One thing after another, led to me moving back in with my Mum, with NO prospects, NO education and NO hope in an area I HATED.

It was a tough time, BUT with the support of my family and friends, me being ambitious and a resilient little fuck meant I kept my head up!

After being refused enrolment into any other local college because of the syllabus not matching up to what I’d already done. I was again STUCK!

So then what?

I did what any other person would do, spent a little while down in the dumps, doing quite frankly, shitty part time jobs.

But then I saw a window, an opportunity to do something, that would keep me within fitness, my passion, 
becoming a Personal Trainer!

This, of course, came at a cost and a pretty BIG one considering I was young and a part time employee of the JOB CENTRE at the time.

(My god I fucking HATED that place and I swear to god if you’ve ever been there and done it, there is nothing more motivating to go find work than to visit the job centre weekly just to scrape by — FUCK ANYONE who takes the piss out of this or any other benefit system by the way!)

So, the education to become a PT was going to cost me £3,500. Upon finding that out, again, it could have been very easy for me to give up.

But NO, I thought to myself HOW, rather than I CAN’T.

4 weeks later I was enrolled onto the course….

I could go on and on, BUT

5 years down the line and HERE I AM.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to chat SHIT about how much I’m earning, or to fill my head up with helium. 
There are FAR more successful people than me.

I’m now:

Gym Manager running a £500k business 
A Successful full time Personal Trainer 
An Online Coach

AND with many exciting prospects up and coming.

I’m not a millionaire and 5 years is a LONG time, 
A LOT can happen and a lot HAS.

BUT, 5 years is only a long time if you make it a PRODUCTIVE time, we all know how quickly time can fly, even when you’re NOT having fun!

So from TODAY just do me these 3 SIMPLE things:

NEVER and honestly I mean it, 
NEVER say you CAN’T, instead, think HOW! 
It doesn’t matter how outrageous or far fetched the GOAL seems. 
I PROMISE, if you start thinking HOW. 
It’ll CHANGE you!

HARD work BEATS talent every time, 
when talent gets LAZY and doesn’t give a fuck. 
So DON’T just turn up. TURN UP! 
Start your training, your meeting, your day….and…

If you’re waiting for something,
Waiting for that opportunity, 
That pay check, 
That next client,
That next miracle pill to lose weight,
Waiting for success to land at your feet? 
Then do yourself a favour. 
And guess what, 

😷 Ok enough cheese and aggressive motivation for one evening

I’m out ✌️

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