Taking Privacy Seriously: Leaving Google Behind
Dan Arel

Try OpenStreetMap as a replacement for google maps. That’s what I have as my default map in search results on DuckDuckGo :)

Ultimately google maps is the best maps system out there but if you don’t need something too specific you can get away with OpenStreetMap.

Also maybe I’d recommend Discord for chat, although it’s targeted more at gamers, it’s designed w/ security and privacy (amongst other things) in mind. I also use Slack. I can’t vouch for how secure it is, but I communicate with political activists and candidates over it so I presume whoever at the orgs I’m volunteering at decided that we use it would have done so with some mind for security.

I also quite like having NoScript around. Even though I enable most scripts, I like having the flexibility and control.
Gonna give OnionShare and PrivacyBadger a try.

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