Autumn Kersey

It takes an enormous amount of drive to start a company. The amount of momentum required to even start the engine, let along get the wheels rolling .. it is monumental. I speak from experience, but the story here is not about me, but a friend who has everything it takes to make accelerate to success — Autumn Kersey.

I admire salespeople …

I haven’t the time to go into detail about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Honestly an entrepreneur is more of a unicorn than a unicorn is, really. The creators of stuffed animals can’t even imagine what one looks like, but I can tell you that Autumn is one.

Autumn worked at the Idaho Business Review when one day she suppressed the terro of starting and leaving a stabile job to become the Founder & Executive Director at Treasure Valley Children’s Theater. Her passion for children and theater drove her to begin, and although she had business accumn she also possessed the drive of an outside salesperson.

Autumn knew it would be hard. She had to raise funds for a non-profit, recruit professional artistic types and then wrangle them into a production over-and-over again.

She needed a facility and she needed community support to market the venture and tell her story to those who she did not know.

Autumn expressed her fears to me once and knowing her as I do, I am certain she has just sat down and collapsed inside from the pressure. You see, entrepreneurship is damned lonely. It feels like no one gets you and no one shares your vision or at the least the same passion you have for your vision. I have to imagine she has felt that too many times.

I’m writing about Autumn …

I’m writing about Autumn because honestly she is someone I admire. I admire her passion and her “Get Shit Done” attitude. I admire her persistence and her drive to start, move on the goal and how wonderfully amazing it feels to be near her when it all comes together. I’m grateful to know others on a similar journey.

I think Autumn and her team are making the world a little more perfect. If you’re in the Treasure Valley area I hope you take a moment to enjoy the show. Details can be found here:

I’m a fan, Autumn!