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Awesome! Let’s recreate the school schedule for adults, rather than the kids. I mean, school is all about the parents, rather than the kids, right? Sorry, 8 hours is too much for youngsters. Schools are NOT baby-sitting services, for cryin’ out loud.

If the economy worked, and people cared about their children more than things, there would be more stay-at-home parents. This “problem” stems from issues of the parents — divorce, desires for “things”, sex outside of marriage (which produce kids who have no dad in the home, in many cases), and other adult bad behavior. Yes, there are sad situations where there is no “fault” to the one parent dilemna, but these are the exceptions, not the rule.

This is what happens when we, as a society, champion bad lifestyles, and as usual, it is the kids that will pay the price.

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