7 Best Airbnb Clone Scripts to Launch an Airbnb like Site Instantly


In olden days we need any rental home means we have to visit each and every home by directly and we have to choose the rental home. But now a day it is easy to find by just one click. There is much rental application are there which helps to find the rental home around the world and among them, Trubnb is one of them. It is the ready-made app, which is fully designed for the user to book the rental home whenever and wherever they want. The app having the feature, which the user can search home according to, their wish and they have the option to search by location. The application is easy to use and efficient one. The script is fully encrypted script and the user can directly connect with the property owner. The currency converter is one of the special features integrated with the application, which helps the user to convert their money into required currency. These are some of the features of Trubnb.


Now a day much application is available for many purposes and renter’s application is mainly for capture the complete details about the rental home. This application is available in play store and application store, which is full of free. One of the main advantages of the application is Guest having the option to give the review about the host. The renter’s clone script comes with integrated currency converter which assists the users to convert own currency to the foreign currency and this help the user in the better way. The guest can filter the amount, place, and share by using the advanced filter option, which is present in the application. Using message communication system the host and the guest can communicate each other about the location, landmarks of the rental home and timing about the stay. So this application made an easy communication between the host and the guest.


Technologies are grown faster as much there is lots application is available in the market for various purposes and the application made everyone’s life easier. Among them, YoHub is one of the applications, which helps the user for searching the rental homes. This application is totally a safe and secured one, which serves the best rental home for the user. By using this app the user can travel any part of the world and they can find the best rental homes according to their wish. Google maps are integrated with the application like the one guest added in the YoHub where the vacation rental homes listing will show when the guest moves over the map and this is one of the best features of this application so the user can travel anywhere without any fear.


Now a day technology reduces the burden of the people and most of the people do their work through the online process. Technology has improved and many applications are available in the market among them many rental applications are there, which are created to help the user to find the best rental homes for their purpose. Stayal is the rental home application, which provides the information about the rental home all over the world. This application helps the user can stay anywhere from any part of the world. This application mainly used for the Entrepreneurs so they can exploit to travel at any part of the world. The guest can send the property request to the host for their accommodation and they can request for pricing also. The currency converter helps the user to converter native their money into the required foreign money and this will helps the guest in a better way.


There is much rental application are available in the market which helps the people to find the best rental homes for them. The Axibnb is the rental application, which provides the rental services for the people who love travels. This application helps the guest during the booking of the rental homes. Once the guest selects the rental home they can easily communicate the host for the further clarification. The application is provided with 24*7 customer service so that the user can clarify their doubt whenever they need. This added one of the advantages to the application. Axibnb application had the advanced search filters, which assist the user fined listings of their preference of the rental homes so they can easily find their homes in a secure manner.


The rental application helps the user to find the trusted home among them the Homezu is one of the applications, which is designed for the user to find the rental homes. This application is available on the mobile platforms, IOS device, and the Android device and the main thing it is freely available in the app store. It’s a clone script, which provides the same services as the Airbnb services do for the booking of rental homes, around all over the world. Homezu is one of the fast services, secure and convenient for the people and much better than using any other application. The registration process is simple and easy so if the registration is over means the users have the option to chat with the host in a secured manner so it is totally a secured application for the user.


Unlike other application, Kwizy is one the best rental application that helps the users in a secure way. The application is provided with detailed search and filter option, which come up with the nearest results. The application is integrated with a map so that the user can search the rental home by moving the location map. So it is easy to find the best rental homes. The user can reviews on each and every property for the user to view them before the booking of rental homes so to added one advantage to the application. The payment mode is simple and easy so the user can pay through online or cash method with the secured transaction. The advanced filter option helps to find the better homes.

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