What’s The Point?

And Why It Doesn't Matter.

In August of last year, my best friend and I crammed everything we owned into our cars, and we left.

We left the only city we had ever lived in. We left every restaurant we had ever eaten at. Every street we had ever driven down. Every person we had ever met.

We left our families. We left our friends. He left his school. And I left my job.

All for music.

It just didn't make sense to stay in Jacksonville. We were never going to “make it” there, no matter how hard we tried, or how good we were. So, we packed up our lives and took them 2,400 miles across the country, to Los Angeles.

That’s what everybody does, right? Leaves their hometown to “make it.” They move to New York. LA. Chicago. Hell, I’m sure there’s somebody who has moved from some Podunk town, to Jacksonville, to get a taste of what the “big city life” is all about.

Eight months in, there have been plenty of positives to come out of our move. LA is a beautiful city, and California is a beautiful state. Beaches, mountains, desert; you name it, they got it. The weather is great. (I know this is very Floridian of me to say, but Jacksonville winters are just too damn cold.)

But aside from the welcome change in geography, we are not one step closer to “making it” then we were in Jacksonville. Of course, we don’t expect to be. So, what’s the point? What makes it worth the struggle?

My answer to you: I don’t know. I genuinely don’t know.

Growing up as an aspiring musician, you think you know what you want. You want to be famous. You want to play big shows. You want to sell lots of records (ha) and make a lot of money, doing what you love. Sounds great. In so, so, so many ways, that’s still exactly what I want. But as you start to realize that you may be more likely to win the Powerball, how you face your hopes and dreams changes.

The definition of making it changes as you go. Be famous gets downgraded to make a living. And even that is no cake walk as a musician.

The brain is a funny thing. At least mine is. Since I’ve been here, I’ve discovered new “dreams.” Things that I suddenly have the urge to do so badly, that literally came out of nowhere. Move out into the desert. Get a really simple job. Coast out the rest of my life doing as little as possible. That is almost the polar opposite of work your ass of until you are a successful musician.

So, to answer the original question; What’s the point? What’s the point of it all? Music? Work? What’s the point of moving across the country to “make it”?

There is no point! There never is.

Do what you want to do, when you want to do it. Change your mind back and forth until you don’t feel the need to change it anymore. Move here. Move there, move anywhere. Get married and have kids. Stay single until you’re 50. Spend years climbing up the corporate ladder. Or, just be a nomadic hippie living in an old RV. It really doesn’t matter. There’s no prize at the end of the tunnel.

Do what makes you happy, always, simply because it makes you happy. If there is a point, that is the only one. Stop stressing about things that aren’t worth it. Stop wasting time.

Decide what you want to do, and do it!