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Cameron has damaged the UK democracy so the BREXIT vote wasn’t a full democratic decision. See my two articles at


It is interesting to note that although the Scots voted for more delegated powers in 1979, Thatcher shelved the Kilbrandon-Report-inspired Scotland Act 1978 because it was a condition of progress that over 40% of the electorate (= %result*turnout) had to exceed 40%. See Wikipedia on Scottish Independence, where it says

“The result of the referendum in Scotland was a narrow majority in favour of devolution (52% to 48%),[17] but a condition of the referendum was that 40% of the total electorate should vote in favour in order to make it valid. But the turnout was only of 63.6%, so only 32.9% of the electorate voted “Yes”. The Scotland Act 1978 was consequently repealed in March 1979 by a vote of 301–206 in Parliament. In the wake of the referendum the supporters of the bill conducted a protest campaign under the slogan “Scotland said yes”. They argued that the 40% rule was undemocratic and that the referendum results justified the establishment of the assembly. Campaigners for a “No” vote countered that voters had been told before the referendum that failing to vote was as good as a “No”.[22] It was therefore incorrect to conclude that the relatively low turnout was entirely due to voter apathy.

In protest, the SNP withdrew their support from the government. A motion of no confidence was then tabled by the Conservatives and supported by the SNP, the Liberals and Ulster Unionists. It passed by one vote on 28 March 1979, forcing the May 1979 general election, which was won by the Conservatives led by Margaret Thatcher. Prime Minister Callaghan described the decision of the SNP to bring down the Labour government as “turkeys voting for Christmas”.[23][24] T””

We are leaving the EU despite not having 40% of the electorate having voted for it. Cameron’s Coalition Government won the 2010 election by disenfrasnchising millions of mainly non-Conservative voters but may have lost the vote to REMAIN in the EU and probably Scotland for the same reason. See

Cameron is a cousin of the Queen but a disastrous scoundrel. His poor judgement and actions indicate he was never of the required quality to be a British PM. The idea that he behaved in a way consistent with the dignity and honour required by that high office is a press fiction.

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