How To Live A Healthy Long Life

By George Tait Edwards

The Best Way To Improve Your Healthspan?

1 Introduction At present there is no guaranteed and proven protocol for living as long as possible. What can be done is a proposed protocol for living as long as possible in a very healthy condition, which is what I suggest here.

The results achieved by Professor David Andrew Sinclair in his quest for reversing aging have moved from the exceptional to the phenomenal. This brief essay lists the evidence and suggests what may be the best value for money route to implementing an effective lowest-cost protocol for delivering similar or the same results. This essay covers

  • the central purpose of this Essay
  • the background to Professor David Andrew Sinclair’s recent results
  • summary of what Sinclair has done with NMN
  • the most effective delivery system for NMN
  • the effects of NMN and caveats
  • Conclusions

The above listing becomes headings for each of the six following sections.

2 The Central Purpose of this Answer/Essay

This brief Answer/Essay suggests a probable best available delivery method of implementing a protocol for achieving the highest NMN dosage (perhaps well beyond Sinclair’s 500mg/day for 90 days) at the least cost.

3 The background to Professor David Andrew Sinclair’s recent results

Some of these are listed at the quite readable 2 April 2017 article of the “Daily Mail online” at Is this pink pill the elixir of youth?

You should note that:

“In the body, NMN is converted into a related chemical called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), which is found in every cell of living organisms and is essential for life. NAD is crucial in fuelling the seven different genes in our body that govern ageing.

However, our NAD levels decline by about 50 per cent as we age, turning off the body’s defences against ageing and age-related diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.”


“Professor Sinclair is so convinced of his pill’s safety that not only has he been taking it himself, so has his 77-year-old father.

The results certainly sound encouraging. Before he started taking a 500mg NMN pill every morning, 47-year-old Professor Sinclair had his blood tested and was told his body had a biological age of 58.

After consuming NMN for three months, he was tested again and his biological age was 32.

As for his father, he’s recently been out-pacing the professor’s younger brother on mountaineering expeditions in their native Australia.

‘He’s as vigorous as he was in his 20s and 30s, and he seems to be getting more energetic,’ says Professor Sinclair.

The manufacturing process of the NMN pill is complicated and expensive, and it currently costs Professor Sinclair more than $1,000 (£797) a month to buy it just for himself.”

I think I may know know how to get the same dose result (of over 500mg of NMN a day) at a much lower cost as outlined below.

“For a start, what his NMN pill cannot do is rejuvenate our exterior appearance — especially if we’re already old.

The fact that Professor Sinclair, a father of three young children, still has no grey hairs and very few wrinkles seems a miracle in itself, but he suggests it isn’t because of his pills.

Hair loss, grey hair and wrinkled skin are not yet reversible, he says, although if you start taking NMN young, it may delay visible ageing, as it’s much easier to prevent hair loss and grey hair than reverse it.”

Key points:

NMN restores the numbers of mitichondria in the nigrostratial “black brain” to youthful levels (ie to age-25 similars) within three months.

- I have been intellectually obsessed with this gerontological area of research since the mid-1970s. See

What’s Wrong With Big Pharma? — George Tait Edwards — Medium

which mentions NMN and which also mentions that I’ve cured my wife’s arthritis. Incidentally, you need a dose of 24mg of Hawaiian Astaxanthin daily (the BioAstin product which derives Astaxanthin from Krill oil is very effective) to banish arthritis and half that daily dose to keep it away — smaller doses such as 2mg or 4mg daily lack systemic effect. And also see Part 1

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4 summary of what Sinclair has done with NMN

The results so far are

  • When Sinclair’s mother had her left lung removed, he was told by her doctors that her remaining life expectancy was about a year. Sinclair was not accepting that and he prescribed his mother NMN and she lived for 20 years.
  • Sinclair has taken 500mg of NMN a day for 90 days, with the result his blood-assessed biological age of 58 fell to 32 when his actual age was 47
  • Sinclair’s 77 year old father has taken NMN which has reduced his apparent age by about two or three decades and he has successfully taken up mountaineering
  • Sinclair’s younger brother was so affected by being outpaced by his 77 year old father that he too is now taking NMN.

5 The Most Effective Delivery System For NMN

Buccal (in the cheeks) and sublingual (under the tongue) delivery is probably the best available method for getting NMN into the bloodstream and onward into the cells of the 200 tissues which need it. See the quoted-below entry about pharmacokinetics on the Wikipedia site about the absorption of Resveratrol, which notes that buccal or sublingual delivery may be up to 250 times more effective than oral delivery for resveratrol.

MNM can be purchased from:

Advanced NMN: Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

I have no personal or financial interest in this company or in any other source of the supplements I’ve mentioned.

In the UK it costs about £25 for 60 x 25 mg NMN tablets, but after adding postage and the costs of VAT plus the Post Office charge of £11 the total charge is about 55% higher than that. The cost per daily 25 mg tablet is about 65p, so the total cost over 90 days would be a bit less than £60. That’s only 2.5% of Sinclair’s total cost of £2,400 for 90 days.

In theory, to take 500mg (the optimal oral dose stated by Sinclair) by mouth we would need to take 20x25 mg tablets each morning, so two tubs of 60 pills would only last for six days.

The molecular weight of NMN is 324 — very low compared to insulin which is about 6,500. Nicotinamide riboside (NIAGEN) for comparison has a molecular weight of 255. Resveratrol has a similar molar mass of 228. NMN also partially dissolves in water. That makes NMN a potentially good candidate for sublingual delivery. See

Sublingual administration — Wikipedia

If you take these tablets sublingually, the absorption could be up to 250 times greater than swallowed tablets. So one 25 mg sublingual tablet could result in a equivalent “by mouth” dose of 6,250 mg — about up to 12.5 times the required dose of 500mg each morning.

Many assessments of the solubility and persistence of resveratrol and other AMPK stimulaters or Sirts activators may be mistaken, because these small molecules mainly use the blood as a transport system to get to the brain, muscle and other cells which are their target area of activity. The general measure of the blood content of (say) resveratrol immediately after dosage or after four hours does not necessarily indicate that these molecules have been cleared from the body by the actions of the kidneys or the liver, because these substances may have migrated into their target cells.

Alcohol seems to improve the effectiveness of some sublingual delivery as the Pharmacokinetic extract above implies. Perhaps the best and quickest method of sublingual delivery is to add about a gram of Xylitol under the tongue, which makes the NMN disappear quickly. Xylitol is not only a sugar but also an alcohol — see the Wikipedia entry at Xylitol — Wikipedia

This makes Xylitol perhaps an ideal catalyst for the sublingual delivery of NMN.

Incidentally, one of the best discussions of the bioavailability of NAD can be read at

And an excellent article about The sirtuin family’s role in aging and age-associated pathologies authored by Jessica A. Hall, John E. Dominy, Yoonjin Lee, and Pere Puigserver can be seen at with the official citation of

J Clin Invest. 2013;123(3):973–979. doi:10.1172/JCI64094.

That article summarises the current state of knowledge about where Sirtuins 1–7 reside and what they do. Just to provide a brief taste, the overview states

“There are 7 mammalian sirtuins, SIRT1–7, which are evolutionarily united by their highly conserved NAD+-binding, catalytic domain (7). Despite this commonality, however, a growing body of evidence suggests that their differences may far outweigh their similarities. This is highlighted by distinct expression patterns, catalytic activities, and — ultimately — biological functions. The mammalian sirtuins have discrete subcellular localizations, with a subset of sirtuins residing in predominantly nuclear (SIRT1, SIRT6, and SIRT7), cytosolic (SIRT2), or mitochondrial (SIRT3, SIRT4, and SIRT5) compartments (8). Most sirtuins display protein deacetylase activity, such that they deacetylate internal lysine residues that are acetylated upon their ε-amino groups. Exceptions include SIRT4, which is known only for ADP-ribosyltransferase activity (9), and SIRT5, which has very effective demalonylase and desuccinylase activity and only weak deacetylase activity (10, 11).”

The article summarises the functions of each of the seven Sirtuins and should be read in full.

Another excellent article about Mitochondrial Metabolism, Sirtuins, and Aging by Michael N. Sack and Toren Finkel is at

The vital importance of NMN in activating all of the seven Sirtuins is a key explanation of the wide-ranging activity of this supplement. The Sirtuins do not simply increase the numbers of mitochondria within the cell, they stimulate the death and destruction of damaged mitochondria and improve intercellular communication, and they almost seem to act as a kind of team of proteins, restoring cellular functions to a much higher level of youthful effectiveness.

6 The Effects of NMN

6.1 General Effects

NMN stimulates all of the 7 Sirtuins and provides a better and higher quality extension to the period of active healthy life.

But not even NMN is a complete answer to the ills of mankind. Taking 4 mg of Xylitol day to to enhance breathing and prevent pneumonia is in my view essential in addition to the NMN protocol. Many of the other supplements to prevent specific ailments apparently remain necessary for the time being.

This protocol does not deal with inherited genetic defects or highly advanced illnesses and cannot reverse the metabolic sydrome diseases of the later stages of coronary disease, cancers or CNS diseases. It is preventive rather than curative. Yet it may help a bit or even a lot short of complete reversal.

And the suggested protocol of one 25 mg NMN tablet under the tongue with one gram of Xylitol to assist effective delivery is probably the greatest advance currently available for providing a healthier and longer life.

6.2 The Possibly Longer Life

The likely extent of that longer life from NMN dosage is at the moment difficult to calculate. I had thought, because Metformin in the prescribed DMT2 doses removes the risk of about a third of the metabolic sydrome diseases, that Metformin plus AMPK stimulators might add 24 years to average lives. Sinclair has recently assessed that 32 years might be added by his NMN protocol. I think the NMN protocol plus appropriate disease-preventing supplements (such as Xylitol to assist respiration) might result in 40 more years of healthy life.

And the cost might not be £60 for three months but £240 for every year. If the three month trial succeeds, you might want a better healthspan for the rest of your life.

What is very likely is that taking NMN might help you (and your loved ones) to live long enough to take advantage of the results of the current testing of NMN protocols in Tokyo and Boston and elsewhere.

And to take advantage of further advances in this fascinating research.

6.3 The Guaranteed Route

And if this cheaper route to a better healthspan and longer life did not work because of some as-yet-unrecognised difficulty (such as NMN not being adequately taken up through the sublingual route) what could you do?

You could upgrade to precisely the same protocol as Professor David Andrew Sinclair has followed. You could buy 2 tubs of Advanced NMN from RevGenetics and take a 500gm scoop of NMN daily for 100 days.

In the UK that would cost you about £600 plus postage plus VAT plus £11 at present, so a total cost of about £750 for 100 days dosage. That’s less than a third (or about £250 a month) of Sinclair’s stated costs of about £800 a month.

7 Conclusions

7.1 The seven human sirtuins are the key proteins that determine the rate of aging, and their stimulation by NMN into higher levels of activity Is the now-available key to a certainly healthier and probably much longer life

7.2 All of the evidence indicates that this protocol may be the best available method currently available for reversing some age-related decline, and the benefits are highly probable for 75% of people while the costs are relatively low at present

7.3 Much of modern life is still (as George Orwell put It) “A race between education and disaster” and this issue is one where that is undoubtedly true.

7.4 Practising this protocol is in the nature of a highly informed bet — about £60 for a higher probability of better health and more years in your life. And if it did not work and you could afford it, the guaranteed route at about £750 or at about a third of the cost stated by Sinclair could be adopted.

7.4 Further developments are virtually certain.