How to grow your startup — 3 easy steps

Protip: There’s money inside light bulbs

(Warning! Danger! This is delicious satire!)


In the past few years, there has been a growing interest in creating a startup company. Just check your Medium feed.

I personally have spent an inordinate amount of time researching this phenomenon, even before startups were a thing. With confidence, I can say that growing your startup can be reduced to three main components:

1. Knowledge
2. Just do it
3. Hustle

You may think these are just “buzz words”, but you are, in fact, wrong.

This list will change your life.

It’s important to note that the order in which you complete this list is irrelevant, as you could have these likely scenarios play out:

  • Doing it could give you the knowledge to finally hustle
  • The knowledge on how to just do it often involves hustling first.
  • If you don’t know how to hustle, just do it and you’ll acquire the knowledge later.

Often, motivational speakers like Tony Robbins, Gary Veynerchuk and Donald Trump try to get your spirits up and whip you into a frenzy. That’s a mistake.

You don’t need motivation.

What you do need is a morning ritual.

That’s not wine.
  • Did you know that most successful entrepreneurs drink a glass of crude oil in the morning?
  • Crude oil has been proven to provide a powerful burst of energy, which is essential if you want to conquer your day
  • It’s the driving source for our civilization, commonly used to power cars, airplanes, trains, laptops, and global warming.

Now, if you already have a morning ritual, or choose to adopt the one above, and are still not experiencing the fabulous success stories of those who worked for years on their businesses, there may be something slowing you down.

There is a popular fable in the startup community that can help you understand what additional actions you need to take on your path:

Once upon a time, there was a glorious apple tree. Its apples were red and juicy, and often fell to the ground because of their impressive juiciness.
One day, Adam went up to the tree. His boss, God, explicitly forbade him to eat the apples.
He did so anyway, because he was a rebel. His boss caught him, and immediately fired him. But he did not despair, and co-founded Humanity on Earth. Many say this was a turning point for civilization.
A few days later, Sir Isaac Newton decided to take a nap under the very same tree. Plonk! An ripe apple hit him on the head. But he did not despair, and invented the science of math to calculate the trajectory of the apple. Scientists and teachers to this day still use his math to torture students young and old, of all colors and creed all around the world.
Not a week had gone by, and Steve Jobs skipped his calligraphy class to check what the hell was all the fuss about. He sees the incredible elegance of the apple, the subtle thinness in the leaves, and the uncanny ability for them to retain their shape and function after hitting the ground from an impressive height. Immediately, he founds the massively successful Apple company, and turns the world into his own little Apple republic. Think about that the next time you eat an apple, or use an Apple to read a post. You’re probably using one right now, aren’t you? Why aren’t you creating startups! Go!
Never give up.

Good luck with growing your startup, and remember: Knowledge is power. Now just do it and hustle.