Here’s Why You Have Absolutely No Time In Your Life.
Jasky Singh

This reminds me of an astronaut’s account (Chris Hadfield), related to the idea of Negative Visualization. Astronauts function under such immense stress and pressure. It doesn’t get any more stressful until you’re floating in nothing and seeing the world suspended 400km beneath your feet. What they do is think of every single possible scenario that could go wrong and kill them, and play with it in their minds.

They don’t think everything is going to go well. They hope it does, but in the meantime, they think, “This is what I’ll do when one of the thrusters fails” or “This is what I’ll do when the parachute doesn’t deploy”. That kind of thinking surprisingly makes them the calmest people on the planet, even though they visualize every different possibility in which they can die.

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