The new kind of Social Media

It is time for us to start using Social Media differently. To get rid of the idea that it is centred around ”I” and take the advantages of the exposure is giving us. Let’s adopt a different approach — a responsible one, focused on the message — and acknowledge our impact.

Everything we post on the internet is seen around the world as public statements. We are millions of Speaker’s Corner, and anyone who screams louder gets the biggest crowd. The catch is what to do with the ones you gather near.

Sharing economy is shaping us towards a more altruistic generation, and we should go with the flow. On the other hand, our pragmatism is growing; these years act as a tipping point for Social Media. For if we don’t give it a different usage, we will loose it.

There is no more room for our individual frustrations online. Or blind fights — without a cause, a meaning and a bigger purpose. Our energies must be put together and used for common beliefs.

Social Media is in a continuous transformation. It is shaped by the behaviour of its users. In fact, future generations will judge us by the legacy we leave here.

Let’s not make it ugly!

Photo by Rachael Crowe | Unsplash