Cedar Park Family Dental | Dental Veneers

Have you been advised for a dental implant by your doctor? Thinking what it would be and how would it benefit you?

These days, doctors are often suggesting implant therapy rather than placing dental veneers. In this process, the teeth are replaced with artificial titanium teeth to fill the missing gap. The implant dental process is done along with an incision in the gums. Once the process is done, the implant is inserted and the gums are sewed back up. It takes time for the teeth to get attached to the gums and the bones to get back to normal. There is no specific period of healing. It may take months and it should be taken proper care that the tooth gets accurately attached to the gums and bone.

Before you wear that one day crown, it is important for you to visit your dentist. With an appropriate checkup of the area where the implantation is to be carried out, the cerec dentist would check that the bones are giving sufficient support to the gums. In case your bones are weak, a bone graft is performed.

The best part of implantation is that they are more beneficial than dentures. According to the cedar Park family dental, the bridges once fixed would stay life long but in return give you face a weird look. While in case of implantation, the viewer will not also be able to know that you have taken up a replacement surgery. They give a realistic look to your face. As they are placed in the gums, they don’t harm the other actual teeth or create any side effects.

After getting your implantation done, all you need to do is take care of it just as you do your other teeth.