A day at a time

New day new task, that’s the way I see self-learning boot camp and I am loving it because of the growth it provides for me. My fellow ‘classmates’ (group members) and I are all about helping each other, checking if one is stuck and with people like this the tasks become more than just tasks but a learning experience. Building friendships too I believe was part of a hidden assignment and so far people are doing extremely well at it. If school was this way think of how much more productive we could have been where instead of focusing on grades we focus on development.

I think this boot camp does more than just teach coding, it makes people awesome.

That’s what I have been thinking all day, a camp that makes you awesome, from the day I walked through the Andela gates, to meeting new friends, to cracking jokes, to working out, this is awesome….and the best part is that we are just getting started.