We all learn everyday be it from experience, class, life, we constantly learn, however some experiences stick to you regardless of the years vivid memories still linger in your brain like they were meant to be a constant reminder you passed through that bridge now nothing can stop you.

Like most people, I too face challenges but one stands out, while on campus I was on a team tasked with creating a simple mess management system, a web application where students can use to order and pay for meals, I was to be responsible for the front-end design which I thought was a piece of cake and was ready for it, ideas were all round in my head I pretty had everything figured out however the team was reshuffled and now I had to work on matters dealing with the back end which required me to learn about PHP for connecting the front end to the backend and MySQL for implementing the database of our application, it was a relatively new field and the mixture of deadlines to beat, learning a new field and a whole load of trial and errors was overwhelming, it almost had me pulling shortcuts but I thought to myself it would not hurt to learn something new, shortcuts work sometimes but the damage they do to you in the long run are pretty serious. Several days and unknown cups of coffee later I finally got the concepts right and was able to comfortably get the back end working. It felt great to deliver under such pressure and the sleep I had right after project presentation was a testament to the struggle and breakthrough of learning and delivering.

I knew from that that nothing is impossible or can be regarded as too hard as long as you put your mind to it, have the belief you can do it, research, practice, seek help when necessary and when the next challenge shows its face all you have to say is challenge accepted.