The Journey Begins

Day one anxious and excited I arrive at the Andela campus check in and meet a few of my fellow boot campers. Knowing not what to expect but a challenge I settle and wait as the Andela team set up. Oh and just when I thought the serious part of my day has just begun we are asked out of our seats for a workout…yes, and to think I had on official attire because I was ready to get down to business and write code like never before or at least I thought that was the order of the day, turns out the workout was a part of the boot camp and it was great, and a really good tension reliever as now everybody mingled, this was boot camp and it had officially begun.

As the day progresses we are introduced to new concepts and our facilitators who will be our guides for the next week, I also got the feeling that the people at Andela really do want you to be there which is a very encouraging thing. The sessions were great especially the question and answer time, it rocked, not forgetting the lunch it compensated for the morning workout. Picture your first day on a job, now picture it with fun amazing bosses, that is how I saw my first Andela day now the only major conflict in my mind is do I carry sports shoes next time so that I take the morning workout head on. TIA.