The Hero Returns: Steve Jobs’ real genius
Peter Sims

The Hero Returns: Steve Jobs’ real genius Peter Sims put out on August 1, 2014 refers to one of eight characteristics — the indispensability of relationships — in Steve Jobs’s leadership I discuss in a book I recently published, titled STEVE JOBS: More Than Just A “Ding” in The Universe: Characteristics in His Leadership. Although throughout his career, his character destroyed a myriad of working interactions, Steve Jobs considered his relationships with Pixar’s Ed Catmull and John Lasseter indispensable. He established constructive associations with these respected leaders in their fields through his readiness to listen and reassess his visions. Also discussed in my book are seven other characteristics Steve Jobs’s leadership encompassed — a purpose beyond profit, the subordination of ego needs, a connection to a spiritual foundation, focus on self-development, commitment to ethics and integrity, sensitivity to organizational culture, and an orientation toward change and growth.

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