Here are some reasons why Adam is a snake and I want to scream.

I’m not religious in any conventional sense. I don’t have a problem with people who are and I wouldn’t have a problem with myself being either. I just don’t see how I could be once I had the realization that God and organized religion can actually only exist while it’s an unfalsifiable concept. As soon as anything that behaves like ‘God’ or fulfills the role assigned to ‘God’ is proven in any measurable way, it is no longer religion, but science.

However, the unmatched influence the bible has had on society shouldn’t be something we reject. Ironically, we have separated ourselves so much from nature and science that we forget that our ideas, words, feelings, and behaviors are as much part of the natural ‘reality’ as anything else.

The bible is essentially behavioral psychology before we all went off-script. For example, take the story of Adam and Eve. It is the first story in the bible and yet it’s pretty clear that there is a lot more to it than people have chosen to see and so here is my interpretation.

Most people know the deal by now but let's start with a speedy recap. So, God created Adam before creating Eve. Before Eve is created, Adam is told by God that eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil would be a life-threatening mistake.

God then creates Eve who he leaves with Adam.

Adam then tells Eve that God had said that they ‘may eat fruit from the trees in the garden’ however, ‘You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.’ Eve then starts talking to the serpent in the tree who neither of them was warned about. The serpent tells Eve that what she was told God said wasn’t true and that God knows that if they ate the fruit, their eyes would be open and able to see good and evil as God is.

Eve trusts the serpent and decides that knowledge of good and evil is more reason to eat the fruit. She then eats the fruit and gives some to Adam who has been next to her the whole time, he also eats the fruit.

Their eyes then open, which translates to becoming self-aware and having gained the ability to see right from wrong. They then feel ashamed and vulnerable in the eyes of God as they are now able to see what God will see when they are looked at through the lens of good and evil.

They then cover themselves and hide when they hear God come back into the garden.

When Adam tells God that they are hiding because they are naked, God is like, well clearly if you feel ashamed that’s because you did something you know is wrong which means you know the difference between good and evil which in turn means, you ate the fruit.

Then, when God asks Adam who told him that he was naked, in a twist Adam reveals himself to be the real snake in this story and tells God that Eve gave him some fruit and he ate it. God then asks Eve what she had done and she replies that the serpent deceived her and she ate the fruit.

God then punishes all of them. I look at this more as God telling them what they will experience during their lives so that they have to live with the knowledge of their own future suffering. This includes the fact that they will ‘certainly die’ as God told them they would if they ate from the tree. I also think that this may be the creation of empathy as they learn about their mutual suffering, including being able to empathize with the fact that the serpent will bite them due to fear for its offspring. The roles from this verse are interesting because they do not make clear who is morally responsible, however, most snake lovers like to blame Eve.

Firstly, neither of them are self-aware or moral beings. When they choose to eat the fruit, they aren’t morally autonomous. Also, the snake (referring to the serpent in the tree, not Adam this time) doesn’t lie to Eve as much as Eve learns she is not able to trust everything she is told. When Eve is told that the reason she has been warned against eating the fruit is to protect her from the knowledge of good and evil, she decides that she would like to be able to take moral responsibility and gain wisdom. Before she eats the fruit she is naive to the intentions of the serpent and is trusting of it, after she is able to tell God that she was deceived. Adam, however, who was told directly by God not to eat from the tree, still eats the fruit Eve gave him and even after being given the knowledge of good and evil and being aware of Eve’s genuine yet naive intentions, blames her for his actions.

I bizarrely think that Adam holding Eve responsible for this is why God then punishes Eve by having to be ruled by Adam. It’s not about Eve being lesser in any way, but about telling Adam to take responsibility for their safety and that he should be held accountable. He didn’t stop Eve, he was directly warned of the danger, watched the serpent manipulate her, and basically told himself he could not be in trouble for his actions because he can blame Eve.

God then tells Adam in the way Eve is punished, that Adam is now responsible for Eve’s life because she will make his, hers. At this point, he tells Adam that his life will be working just to stay alive and then turn to dust. Eve lives to make life worth it and Adam lives to keep her doing so. Essentially, his ability to keep Eve happy and healthy is what will make his life worth living. Eve has to come to terms with the fact that she must make his life worth living or she won’t have a husband to take care of her which also risks what is mentioned earlier that there will be no one to kill the snakes that could kill her child.

I would also argue that this whole story could be viewed as a metaphor for sexual coercion. Let me explain. So, if the consumption of the fruit represents sex, Eve’s naive assumption would be that Adam would not betray her trust once they had both decided to give in to temptation. It then becomes clear in retrospect that in reality her naivety was being exploited and she is being told what is necessary in order to talk her into having sex, eating the fruit, you get it. The shame Adams feels after they eat the fruit essentially translates to the post-nut clarity he gains after realizing the consequences of his actions and the shame Eve feels is of her naivety and ability to be manipulated in that way.

And there we go, Georgia cracked the bible.

I hope you had fun.



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