Fake news. It's complicated.
First Draft

Hi Claire,

This is a great read and education material that everyone should read.. I recently launched, QallOut.com, the first online comunity for social live video debates with the mission to tear down echo chambers and expose misinformation. Here some of our observations on the topic so far:

1) For every one tech hack to prevent fake news there will always be ten more hacks to exploit it > tech will never be super effective in preventing fake news

2) We are in a war of information, and fake news (that is actually ‘fake’) is only a sliver a far more dangerous and manipulative war of partially true news, strawman arguments and logical fallacies.

3) The moral imperative to call out misinformation is a duty that must be incentivized and rewarded.

Hence, we totally agree that continuous education of how to detect misinformation is crucial. We believe that connecting people in constructive dialogue in the debate format also increases accountability and facilitates the exposure of not just of fake news but also fallacies and poor arguments. I would love to tell you more about our venture and also learn about First Draft News.

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