How to assess your workplace cyber risks

How secure are your passwords? Do you know what phishing is, and what to do when it happens to you? Is your workplace at risk of being hacked?

Given that 85% of Australian businesses have experienced a cyber breach [1] it’s safe to assume that your workplace is at risk of a cyber crime.

When it comes to cyber security, prevention is always better than a cure — especially when you consider that the average cost paid by a company who has experienced a cyber breach is $2.62 million. [2]

What is the Cyber Risk Calculator?

Cyber security is not just up to the IT department — cyber security is everyone’s responsibility. The Cyber Risk Calculator is a free online tool that allows anyone to receive a free assessment of his or her workplace cyber risks and resiliency.

How does the Cyber Risk Calculator Work?

Simply answer a series of short questions regarding your workplace controls for preventing a cyber intrusion — it will take less than a minute to do. The aim of the calculator is to have as many controls in place as possible to prevent a cyber security incident, hack or breach. The Cyber Risk Calculator will then provide a report indicating your cyber control strengths and weaknesses, including:

  • Control effectiveness — The calculator works by asking respondents if they have the most common and practical controls in place to prevent cyber-attacks. For instance, it confirms if the workplace allows workers administrator rights to install their own software.
  • Setting the bar — Should a workplace have all controls in place, there might still be areas of improvement. Hacking is not only an art form but a lucrative business. Whilst we are in the business of producing a product or providing a service, hackers are in the business of hacking our systems. In order to stay ahead of this, a cyber resilience program in any organisation needs to be continuously improved and reviewed just like a business continuity.
  • Tips and tricks — Once you have a report, you’ll also find some recommendations or tips on how to improve your cyber resilience.
Cyber Risk Calculator

I’ve calculated my risk, so what happens next?

Once your risk or resiliency has been calculated via the Cyber Risk Calculator, you should share the areas for improvement with your colleagues, in particular, those able to implement some controls. It’s time to seriously assess your weaknesses and build a plan to tackle these to prevent any cyber risks your organisation might be prone to.

  1. Start with IT for controls related to your PCs and laptops. Have you updated your virus software lately? Do you get regular alerts about serious viruses you need your team to be aware of?
  2. When implementing a policy or procedural related controls you might need to speak with Management (assuming you are not management — in which case you should think about the policies and procedures you might implement).
  3. Set some realistic dates to implement changes and keep on top of those projects.
  4. If you need it, get some further advice and read some great online resources available online. Here at Learning Seat, we can also connect you with consultants you can provide you with extra assistance around cyber security policies. We also offer training for employees on Cybersecurity.
  5. You can re-assess your controls whenever you like using the calculator.
Cyber Risk Calculator

Prevention is always better than cure

Reports indicate that 60% of cyber breaches at work are a result of employees. If you haven’t already considered up-skilling and educating your workers on cyber security risks and prevention, now is the time to do so. If your results indicated that you’re doing the right thing — good on you! Just keep in mind that in the world we live in today, cyber risks change fast and quick, and you need to be on top of this all the time.

Know someone who needs to assess their cyber risk?

Know someone who might need to assess their cyber risk in the workplace? Feel free to share the Cyber Risk Calculator to anyone who may need to some guidance on where to start and what to do.

Cyber Risk Calculator


[1] 2016 Data Threat Report — Australian Edition [2] 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: Australia

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