Not sure where to go next? Discover fascinating Georgia!

Batumi, Georgia

You know that saying: “Once a month go somewhere you haven’t been before”? Well we hope you are quite familiar with it and you try to live according to it, since this quote is the “secret” to the happiness of most world travelers.

However, since we suppose you might be busy or actually have no idea on where to travel next, we decided to award you with a hint: travel to Georgia!


Many people have heard about Batumi as a touristic hub for the summertime. But there are a lot of things to see around it as well, a lot of places to visit, nature to enjoy and food to taste. Take a look at our collection of places in the beautiful Ajara region and get inspired for a pleasant trip!

Black Sea Coast

Grab your towel and sunglasses, escape to the Beach. There’s few things in life better than a dreamy day at the Black sea coast . But instead of dreaming, why not take in a breathtaking beachfront sunset for yourself? contact us today and make those sandy dreams come true!


Batumi Botanical Garden

The lower, upper and seaside parks are located on the main route of the garden. Currently, the garden consists of nine floristic sectors, those of Caucasian humid subtropics, East Asia, New Zealand, South America, the Himalayas, Mexico, Australia, and of the Mediterranean. The garden collection comprises 2.037 Taxonomic units of ligneous plants, including 104 of Caucasian origin. The rests are the representatives of the other phytogeographic flora.

Batumi Botanical garden

Mtirala National Park

the most humid place in Georgia- the adventure is waiting in 2 hours drive from Batumi. There are only two tourist trails in Mtirala National Park: Tsablnari (Chestnut forest) Trail and Tsivtskaro

National Park Kintrishi

Rare birds, medieval bridges, rivers, waterfalls, trees. there are routes for hikers and those who prefer to ride the horses.

National Park Kintrishi / Kobuleti

GEM FEST / 10–14th of August / Anaklia

GEMfest is a 5 day electronic music festival taking place in the hidden escape of Anakila, Georgia. With the spiritual aim of providing an expressive platform for “unbridled artistic potential”, GEMfest welcomes a collaborative explosion of DJs, designers, choreographers, art designers, and many others from the global electronic family.

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