A Poem of Promises.

For You, AAB.

I think of you all the time

Of your smile

And of your effortless charm

I think of how it feels

To wake up to loving messages from you

The kinds that touch my heart and warm it up

That put little wings in my shoes

I think of the sound of your voice when you call my name

And the love in the air when we’re together

I think of how much envy we induce

In the hearts of people who don’t understand what the decision to love means

I think about us

And about how we are more alike than unlike

And how completely wonderful it feels to see myself in another person

I told you once that you were the answer to my prayers

But I was wrong…

You aren’t a gift for just one life time

You’re the answer to prayers I haven’t gotten a chance to say

It’s one month right now since I said I’d do this with you

And God knows the will has only become stronger

And so today I promise

To love you

To support you

And to join you as we build the life we want

I promise to forgive you everytime

And to leave it in the past

I promise to cherish every moment spent with you

And to never take you for granted

And I promise to protect you

In every way that I can.

Above all…

I promise to trust you

And to choose you everytime.