If You’re Out There…

Here’s to the new year.

New Years are the most wonderful gifts

That fresh start….

It’s like the smell of Irish Spring in the morning

But better…

It’s a beautiful shot at 365 days… and then a quarter

The feeling is liberating

That feeling like you can do anything

Be anything

This is you… and this is the rest of your life

And then…

Like every year, life will take shots at our perfect picture

Create holes in our little paradise

But if you’re out there, don’t forget to remember

That regardless of how hard things get

There are No Limits

So there are no limits to how hard we ought to push

No limits to how much we can take

No limits to how much work we should put in

Because, whether you’re fighting for work

For love

Or for life

There are no limits to how much you can achieve

So if you’re out there,

Please realise

That Limits are a thing of the mind

And that “Too high” is a matter of perspective

Realise that circumstances are not limitations

Circumstances are a common factor

So if nothing is impossible and Impossible is nothing

Tell me really, What’s stopping you?