My Mind… It’s Speaking

Are you here? Will you listen?

I need to talk

To someone that isn’t me.

I need to have my words fall on ears that are different from those of my mind

Ears that will listen

I need to let out this beam of pain

Are you here?


In both body and mind?

In Flesh


And whatever other form of “human” exists?

Are you here?

Are you listening?

I need to talk.

You most likely wouldn’t understand though

I am aware

I most likely wouldn’t express myself clearly enough

But can you listen still?

Can you hear my every word

And say them all back to me even if you may never understand the link between “a broken soul” and “a room full of gold”?

Can you not offer advice

To something you do not understand?

And listen still, knowing you are not required to speak.


My mind… it’s speaking

Can you hear it?

Please don’t try to understand…

Just listen.

Because I’m afraid for you

It’s my mind yet it drowns me in a sea

Of unspoken words,

Unexpressed emotions

And suppressed grief

It’s screams break every bone in me

And macerate my muscles in a pool of tears and sweat

It ruptures every vein

And lacerates my organs

It leaves me without life

Without hope

And this is me
What would it do to you?
Photo Credit: Chike Nwabuo