Not Even Me.

September 10.

Sometimes we feel like we don’t get things because we don’t deserve them

We feel like we suffer because we are condemned to that fate

Sometimes because of what we’ve done

Other times

Because of who we aren’t

So we look at that pretty girl and say “Some people are just made less beautiful than you”

We look at that friend and say, “My luck could never be that good”

We look at people who seem to exist without a care in the world and say, “Some of us just aren’t meant to be happy”

But here’s the thing about what you deserve and what you don’t

No one has any idea what they are

Some beauties fade and some take time to manifest

Luck gets better more often than not

And happiness is a thing of the mind

A condition

A choice

To smile when there’s nothing to smile about

To dance when the music comes on

To get out of bed this morning…

You choose that.

I choose it.

You get back from life what you put into it

There’s a platter and then we both pick

And if we can, why choose what’s not as good?

Why go for anything that doesn’t bring us as much joy?

I’m in the middle of a writer’s block

Because I saw a response that kicked me when I was down

But I am writing now, because I choose to

And because no one should tell me what i can and can not do

What I can and can not be

Not even me.
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