September 1

I’ve been near death more times than I’d like to admit

You see… Loving people comes with side effects

And when you’re addicted, they want to pull away

So you’re left in the corner of a dark room…. because they are all of your light

Knees to chest… something has to keep this heart from falling out

Rocking yourself to induce calm…. Motion helps. Anything but sitting still

And some how, you manage to draw closer and closer to insanity… Its imminent

I’ve been here too many times

And the bouts are not far between

My heart

Has been kicked….

Stepped on

Run over


And left for dead

But somehow, it still works

So I’m pushing my luck

I still love you…

I’m picky… and i still pick you

I still want to hand it to you, this heart, that you may do with it whatever you will


And lifeless as it is

It skips a beat at the sight of you

And pumps so fast that i hear it in my ears

Can you hear it?

Are you even listening?

I’m on life support
You’re my oxygen