Pure Silver

September 9.

Do you ever get the feeling that, maybe you can no longer handle the break?

Do you ever feel like, this is the last straw? And that anything after this would kill you?

Like you will slip into that vessel from which you could never return, and that hope will be lost forever?

Do you ever feel like a piece of silver?

Under the harsh fire swearing that this pain in this very moment is all it can take?

And somehow, its still there every moment after the last…

And its future looks brighter than its past.

Like any gem, you too go through pain

You also go through the fire… walk through the rain

Do you not see how special you are?

Do you not see the shimmer in your skin that’s partly covered by dust and mostly hidden by a lack of self awareness.

Humility that is only as a result of self pity and several sprinkles of a nonexistent self esteem

They say, however, that there is a breaking point.

A point after which all is lost

A point where you are past all hope

A point when the pain should stop, lest it destroys you

The point where you can see your true reflection shine back at you amidst all of the flame that threatens to consume you

The point where you realise who you have become

What you are becoming…

The point of Pure Silver.