You’re strong, Georgia. I admire that
Thank you. I’m glad it inspires you.

If only it could inspire me as often

This strength is my greatest gift

It helps me take on things i had no idea I could actually follow through with

This strength is my biggest curse

It leaves me torn and broken more nights than not

And then I run

I run to prove to myself that after all that I can take on 5km

That after I’ve been knocked down all day I can knock my muscles in shape… upright

But then I come home and my bed is cold still, because the only other heart that truly understands is a little too far away

So my body is in shape and my spirits are high

My dresses are on point and tailored by Mai

I’m slaying my meetings

And taking life’s hits

But reach out to me, crawl in my bed

Strong women, too, need their hands held.
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