A Delicate Shade of Uncertainty

We have officially moved. It is still really weird to type or say those words. We did it. We moved. I thought I would feel a deep sense of accomplishment at the end of the move, but in all actuality it’s just the beginning.

Hubs and I are currently staying with family while we attempt to find a new home — one we hope to purchase as ours for keeps. Moving an entire house full of furniture, mementos, and the like into storage was a little tough, but condensing ones whole life into only the strictest of necessities for the moment was tougher. We went from a three bedroom home to one small room. Giving in to the impossible, one packing box at a time.

My childhood bedroom is delicate shade of pink, which demonstrates ironically a phase I went through when I was about twelve. I hate pink, it has definitely not been a favorite of mine…except for about three weeks when I was twelve. During my three week hiatus of not hating the color pink, my parents decided to remove the Winnie the Pooh wallpaper that was from my nursery and instead paint the room as part of a more “grown up” look. Every other twelve year old girl I knew loved pink and cheetah print and wanted to dress like Lizzie McGuire — so I thought I should too.

Am i going through a phase…?

As I sit in the midst of those same walls painted that same delicate shade of light pink, I question myself, “Am I going through a phase?” Just like my childhood self, am I listening to what everyone else is doing around me … Or am I investing in this move for me. No question, it’s the second one.

No matter what shades of uncertainty occasionally cross my mind, I know deep down that we are doing this for us. We are giving in to the impossible — one step at a time. We knew that the life we were living before was comfortable, but not life at it’s fullest. Hubs and I both have dreams we wanted to accomplish, but knew from our current vantage point of comfort we had no chance nor willpower to make things happen. So we decided instead of floating down the path of conformity and comfort with the rest, we needed to do something drastic and start ourselves off on the road toward our dreams.

We decided to give in to the impossible — and chase after it intentionally.

We are definitely not out of the woods yet, rather we just got dropped off and are staring them in the face. As scary as these times are, I have never felt more vindicated. We have taken the first step in living a God fearing and intentional life. A life of purpose where we truly want to be, not just the most comfortable situation available. And it feels damn good, pink walls and all.

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