Creating My Life: Day 1

Today, August 15th 2016 marks the start of my life. A life crafted by God and implemented by me to be the best it can possibly be. A life created, not reacted to. A life invested, not wasted. A life developed, not abandoned. A life learned, a life cherished, a life fulfilled in Christ and lived to the fullest.

Today I quit my job.

Today I also broke the lease at the home my husband and I share and will soon be moving to a place we have dreamed of since we left it as children. We are moving home, back to the hometown we both grew up in and to dreams beyond our wildest imagination. Today begins a glorious new chapter.

I want to share this dream with my readers. Every day I get on Medium and I read article after article and blog after blog about entrepreneurship and start ups, bloggers, and innovators, business owners, mothers, and more. I have craved the freedom they feel in pursuing something wholeheartedly that they are interested in. I have now through a series of circumstances been able to myself with my family to also take life by the horns and pursue dreams we have shared since our love began.

For me, the thing that has always held me back was doubt. Doubt over doing the wrong thing. Doubt over risking complete financial security. Doubt over what others may think. Just doubts in general. Through a series of circumstances it became possible for us to take a leap of faith to pursue purpose driven goals and a life full of Jesus, and I couldn’t be more excited.

For me, the thing that has always held me back was doubt

Please follow along in the coming days as I plan to chronicle our life’s drastic changes and I hope you’ll enjoy the ride as much as us.