Friday Night Dreams

When Date Night Includes Vacant Houses

Tonight my husband and I went on a date night. This week has been particularly stressful for Hubs and we needed a little getaway to our “crack” chain resteraunt of choice, O’Charley’s. As usual, the food was bomb for a chain place and we got had the opportunity for some low key hang out time to be romantic and cozy together.

Instead we talked about houses. Zillow was the main squeeze as we swapped our phones back and forth checking out various properties on the app. I only have one week left until I start my new job (PRAISE GOD) so I am trying to do all the searching I can before I go back to the working world.

Rolls were devoured between snippets of conversation about wainscoting and how much we both hate wall paper. While we agreed about square footage over appetizers, the entree course was fraught with crispy projectiles as we battled over the final points of hardwood versus carpet. I won. Hardwood for the win, cold feet be socked. Socks are like surround sound carpet for your feet.

After dinner we attempted to do something else date worth instead of talk shop about house buying but failed miserably. Ultimately we decided to cruise by several properties we were interested in, and after making sure they were vacant pulled in the driveway and walked around exploring. This is one of those do as I say not as I do moments. Ahem.

All in all we had s great time, found a new possible contender in The Great House Search ‘16 and drove around town jamming to music which is a favorite pastime. While the house buying journey has been stressful to say the least, the unique bonding time Hubs and I have gained walking around stranger’s back yards has been epic.

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