I Got the Job! Then Didn’t Sleep Last Night: Welcome to the Work Force Mrs. Sleep Monster

I’m tired. Thrilled, but very tired.

Yesterday I got the call I have been looking forward to for the better part of a week. I got the job! After battling it out for multiple round with the other applicants, by the grace of God they picked me! (Does happy dance!)

I chatted with a representative of HR for a little while, and learned I would need to come by their office the following day to drop off paperwork. No biggie. Hubs was ecstatic, and took me out to dinner to celebrate my good news. Only that dinner ended up kicking our butts.

For the last 8 hours, neither Hubs nor I have slept for more then 15 minutes at a time. We are both horribly sick, albeit a case of food poisoning. Bless him, he had to go to work today because of a committee meeting he chairs, but he was still a delicate shade of green when he left.

I have two hours to pump as much caffeine into my system as I can stand and use half a bottle of concealer on my face to hide the bags under my eyes. Then off I will go to my first official meeting at my new job. Lord help this day go smooth, cause currently I look like a sleep monster and I need to get my act together. A nap is in my future this afternoon and then maybe just maybe I can get some blog work done and do some editing for a new friend.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a little note to share the good news as many of my readers have been checking in, and I appreciate your well wishes and votes of confidence.

Thanks everyone!

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