Sometimes I sit alone in my bathroom floor in the middle of the night and write out long paragraphs on my iPhone. My baby powdered floor sticks to my bare legs, reminding me that my move is upcoming and I really need to clean in here. I write how I feel, I write out the pain and frustration of a honestly brutal time in my life. I write.

I write about the pain of losing loved ones to addiction, I write about the heart-full cries of my head sobbing on top of my Bible. I write about not even opening the book because I’m simply too broken to read. I write.

I write about the joys of rebirth. Rebirth of ones self at a junction of life. I write about leaving crappy jobs in order to finally be fulfilled in my passions. I write about God, and his gift of a new start for my family. I write.

I write about my dreams. About better days with a backyard of my own and our kids swinging on a playground their dad built them. I write about another bump on the way. I write about future little toes and tummy kisses and bedtime stories. I write and I dream.

I write when I feel I have no story to tell. I write when I feel like the only way to breathe is to put to paper some of the demons in my chest, in the hope they might stick to the page and give my lungs more room to expand. I write and I feel.

I write and I tell my story. The dark parts I rip out and burn. The smoke flows back in with my quick jolted breaths and the thoughts return to their dark recesses. I write because the key to my shackles lies within the flow of ink from my pen. Ever loosening the handcuffs grip, one word at a time. The dark parts they seep back out, onto the page. They will stick, like I prayed they would.

This time I will not burn them. This time I will tell my story, I will write and it will stay.

Thank you for reading my latest work “I WRITE…” I hope you enjoyed it. This was a very heartfelt piece and I hope that it resonated with you, dear reader. If it did, please let me know by clicking the green heart. It does my heart glad to know my work was able to connect with someone, and perhaps do them a bit of good in the process.