Optimism: My Battle Ship

Photo from tallshipgreenbay.com .

I am very much a realist. My motto is to “plan for the worst, but hope for the best.” I’m not necessarily a Negative Nancy, but let’s just say I’m not sunshine and daisies normally when thinks get difficult. I’m at my battle station, guns blazing, ready to hunker down for the long haul and get through whatever bad situation I’min.

Recently however, I have had a situation come to pass that blew a massive hole in my ship before I could even reach my battle station. It was going to sink, the world I had lived in aboard it would NEVER be the same. I had no control of it. The only thing I had control over was my mentality towards it.

Per my earlier reference of me not being a optimist, I spent a lot of time dwelling on the negative things that had happened with anguish and contempt, knowing deep down that would not help the matter. Slowly watching the ship sink in fact was worse then the initial blow. My emotional wounds were not healing, just filling with salt water and stinging all the more painfully.

My outlook on the situation made all the difference.

I realized this though: My outlook on the situation made all the difference. Here I was weeks after the initial blow and subsequent sinking of my past life and yet I was still angrily hanging on to the bow, white knuckles gripping tightly. What was I holding on to? My emotions? My anger? My contempt. The situation wasn’t going to change but my outlook sure could.

So I let go. The free fall to the water was a long one, and I’d be lying to say that hitting the water didn’t sting. But the freedom of being optimistic, of striking out for new waters and a better ship felt damn good.

I’m building myself a new “ship” of sorts now. She’s just a little thing for the present, but I’m digging her name. Optimism. It’s got a good ring to it, don’t ya think?

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Georgia Caroline is a wife, believer, and fur mom chronicling her journey as she and her family move to a new town and begin a new career — all in the name of giving in to the impossible. Email her at mrsgeorgiacaroline@gmail.com .