Why I Would Rather Be Authentic then an Expert

We are going to start using seals of “expertness” soon.

I feel like I am bombarded daily on social media by articles authored by people claiming that they are an expert in [fill in the blank field] and therefore I should listen to what they have to say about [fill in the blank subject matter.]

That’s all fine and dandy, but heavens above is it DRY!

There is nothing that makes me more eager to click away from a particular article then when the author drones on and on about why they are qualified to write that particular piece. Honestly, who cares why your qualified? If you really were qualified, the authenticity of your writing voice should shine through like the sun breaking through a wall of clouds. Brilliant, clear, and illuminating evidence of your authority on the subject should waft among the words, leaving no one to question your authorship or merit.

Obviously, there is a need at times to explain why you know the information that you do, but I would happily do away with the term expert in your explanation. Gone are the days of true expertise on a subject matter; Google and half an hour can make someone a “relative expert” on pretty much anything.

Instead, let’s be authentic people.

In turn, the marketplace of ideas has become littered with “experts” who are no more qualified to teach others on their supposed area of expertise then I am qualified to participate in the Olympics. I can swim sure, but compared to Michael Phelps I would sink like a rock. He is authentic in his craft. An artisan of his sport who needs not explain his expertise, but rather simply embodies it.

Let’s be authentic people. Instead of gifting the Internet with your resume in the intro paragraph of every post you publish, lets try to embody the life you wish to obtain. There is nothing wrong with networking, promoting ones accomplishments, and attempting to move further up the proverbial ladder. However, if you wish to show that you are a true “master of your craft,” embody it through the content of your work and not the accolades of self praise that cannot be justified such as the term “expert.”

The reason I write this article is not to be a jack wagon, intent on starting controversy. Instead, I write it as a reminder to chastise myself when I lean to close to the edge of self praise. I am not an expert in anything. I know lots of useful information on a variety of subjects that can be beneficial to others, but I am not an expert. Very few people truly are. It is not something that is easily obtained. However, something we can all obtain is be authentic.

Authenticity, I believe is more closely associated with success then the term “expertise” will ever be. The Elon Musk and Steve Jobs’ of the world are authentic, exceptional people who prove their importance to their respective fields with every breath. They don’t have time to perpetuate their level of “expert” on social media, instead they single handily change the world. Others shall call themselves experts most certainly,but no one can deny their authenticity.

Let’s live fulfilling authentic lives, and write excellent content based on our varied knowledge and skills, instead of trying to up each other with our expert prowess. It may just make the world a better place.

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