Salon du Louvre 1787 [Wikimedia commons]

I recently went to a talk at The Salon London, where Margaret Heffernan said something that made me prickle as someone that coaches businesses in developing long-term growth strategies.

I have not managed to find the quote, yet I’m sure it was not a dream.

She said we have now…

We have glamourised big for too long.

We overlook the small things. Assuming big is the answer.

If you’re a big business you have to think big.

Big ideas. Big ads. Big growth at all costs.

EF. Schuamacher said small is beautiful.

That small will revolutionise the economy if we…

In 1798 cartographer James Rennell travelled to and mapped Africa, including the Mountains of Kong running from West Africa to Guinea.

In 1995 Goode’s World Atlas also had the Mountains of Kong in much the same place.

Nothing unusual about a mountain range not really moving for 197 years, until…

Finding a job is a utter nightmare, whether your applying to sell undies in M&S or you are planning to be Angela Ahrendts’ successor.

I remember once after uni in a fit of financial-crisis-panic-job-hunting applying for a job with a fantastic sounding title, even though I wasn’t even sure what…

Georgia Craib

Finding things in three. To inspire. To provoke. To Remember. Written by Georgia Craib

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