Digital Story Analysis

Analysers: Julian Jesse, Georgia Feldmanis



Creators: Bernice Yeung, Kendall Taggart, Andrew Donohue

Contributors: Reporting intern Katia Savchuk, senior news applications developer Michael Corey and reporter Rachael Bale.

Editors: Robert Salladay and Robert J. Rosenthal. Copy editors: Sheela Kamath and Nikki Frick.

Date launched: November 10, 2014


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· Hyper-link documents. PDF Document

· Map interactive link

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· The site appears to be linear. The site is too long for the type of audience that it’s trying to reach. The page is too long given the number of external links.

· External links are valuable, they allow for different levels of engagement. No need to click out if you want a quick read. Option to click out and gain in depth understanding.

· The tweet summary links are effective. They are easy to share on social-media

· The paragraph spacing is uneven and astatically displeasing.

· Pictures bring personality.

· Three external links are broken. [Broken links- Hyperlink words: They use about 90 per cent, the most risky pesticides, 90 per cent of the exemptions, different chapters, Stay up to date [embedded advertisement link], hyperlinks to news articles]

· The advertisement needs to be sooner, especially if you want readers to get involved.

· The interactive maps are quirky.

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