Top Romantic Proposal Ideas
Happy Monday!

This morning we’re taking a look at a number of of our favourite romantic proposal ideas, a little inspiration for you fellas;

Take a vacation on the other side of the world
We touched on this in an earlier site and looked at all our favourite destinations in the world to propose. Whether it be mid air over the gorgeous heart shaped reef set in The Whitsunday Islands, a romantic suggestion near the top of the Eiffel tower overlooking the city of Paris or a peaceful gondola ride on the waters of Venice, a destination suggestion is merely unforgettable.

Reasons I need to invest my life with you
Possibly among our favourite suggestion ideas, get your hands on journal or a notebook and on each page write down one reason you want to invest the remainder of your life with your partner. Think of all reasons you can whether it’s something large just like the way she makes you feel like just how much you love her cooking every day or something little, and decorate each page having drawing a photograph or a perhaps a nice quote. As she looks up from your novel, on the last page of the book write down just ‘will you marry me?’ and present her with a ring. Not only a beautiful proposition filled with attempt and love however a wonderful keepsake also!

Lego man ring carton
We swiped this proposal that was lovely from one of our Zante brides! Kim and Kevin were taking a look around their very first home together when she was presented by Kevin with this gorgeous ring!

‘we’d merely picked up the keys to our first house, following a look around, We were in our empty bedroom & Kevin presented me with this personalised lego guy with a beautiful ring inside.. Of course I made him truly say the question out loud before I said yes though… (through lots of tears!)’

Did you as well as your partner possess a cunning and unforgettable first date, perhaps a romantic walk or a meal in a restaurant that is magnificent? Why not take her right back to exactly the same spot you had your first date and reminisce before getting down on one knee and popping the question.

Does your partner adore all things romantic? Then this idea is likely to win her heart! Take a stroll hand in hand through her favourite beauty spot possibly a local park that she loves or a pretty lake, and organise a picnic with all your favourite foods and drink (the little details matter). Declare your love, once you’re as she pulls out her favourite snacks along with a gorgeous engagement ring and sat down you could ask her to unpack the food and ask her to marry you.

We understand the weather here in Britain isn’t the most dependable so an indoor picnic may be just like romantic. Assemble a great deal of cushions and a blanket on the ground, again with all of your favourite foods and also a bottle of champagne. You could even put on her favourite film after which pop the question!

All of the single ladies
Another wonderful proposition story from among our 2012 brides!

And out of nowhere, completely unforeseen he proposed to me and went down on his knee!! Everyone cheered us, stood around and stopped dancing! It was quite a exciting surprise. And my husband said he hated me singing that song “all the single women from then I couldn’t sing it it was inappropriate’

Every girl loves cupcakes (it’s hard not to) so why not handpick out some stunning cupcakes you know she’ll adore and put the ring in addition to one of the little cakes. So much prettier than the usual ring box and you could eat it afterward, bonus!!

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