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Thank you for visiting my page. Like for many writers, the hardest thing to write about is writing about oneself. And while it evokes an uncomfortable proof of self, creating one’s own corner on the world wide web does, indeed, demand some explanation of the self.

I will, however, not bore you with biographical information but rather share with you what goes on in my mind and what moves, delights and fuels me, as this gives you a more accurate idea of what you may expect from my writing.

So let us begin…

All my life, I have been fascinated…

May the odds be ever in your favour

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The dream of becoming a millionaire appears to be the “new normal”. If you are not striving for a million dollars on your bank account, why do you even bother with your life. At least, that is the feeling you get with today’s hustle culture and with the onslaught of online coaches, who promise you that anyone who works hard (and according to their techniques, of course) is eligible to join the much sought-after 7-figure club.

But is working hard really enough to make you a millionaire?

That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it.

According to a study by TitleMax, 6…

Have you also been hypnotised by the allure of their promises?

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If you have spent a few seconds on social media in the past years, you MUST have stumbled upon an ad that goes something like:

“I reached a 6-figure income in just one year — and I will teach you how you can do it too.”


“Are you tired of living your regular 9 to 5? I’ll show you how to go from Zero to $10K in 30 days with your own hustle.”


“How to Build Your 6-Figure Coaching Business in 1 Month”

It basically always goes along the line of how the person has made a ton…

Let’s study real life examples to help you decide

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Have you ever heard of Eric Arthur Blair, Daniel Handler, Samuel Clemens or Stanley Martin Lieber? No? If you don’t recognize these names, don’t worry — it’s not your fault, as you probably know them for their pen names instead of their real names. In fact, chances are very high that you have read at least one work by the above-mentioned authors.

So what inspired these writers to go for a pen name, instead of their real name? …

Georgia Jauslin

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