260 Million Americans Didn’t Do this
Abel Cohen

America right or wrong is bullshit. Our founders knew how easy it was to corrupt governments and they explicitly said when your government is no longer responsive to the needs of the people it must be removed even if that means a revolution

One of our founders, John Adams, supported our war with England but hoped we would loose it. He beloved we desperately needed the structure the English system provided. In his opinion the average American was a filthy, drunken, illiterate and morally degenerate. That was a good portion of the reason the Founders wanted only the educated land owners to vote

There was slavery before our war of Independence but there was a great deal of freedom for blacks, even slaves who could eat, drink and visit the whores if they had the money. At that time women could do any job they had the strength for including being a boat captain or blacksmith and they could own those businesses if they had the resources and did not need their father or husbands permission to do so