I was an Anthropology major in college, 20 credits away from my BA and something my professor said…
Georgia Mrkvicka Westphal

Claire. Your a little vague as to who the Asian immigrants were but in any case you are wrong

If you are speaking of Native Americans there were anywhere from 8 million, very. Low estimates to 112/120 million with hundreds of separate languages and traditions. Some of them were war like however nothing like the whites that came later and many were quite peaceful. Even their wars were less damaging then when the whites arrived

If you are talking about the people of Asia you are comparing apples and oranges and still wrong

The Chinese and others were the “white” people of the ancient past and while white ancestors were living in filth and poverty they had rich civilizations going on. I find it interesting that whites were so diseased and filthy but referred to Natives as being so.every early thing they learned about hygiene came from the Orient, the Muslims and native Americans

One reason whites tried to make native life seem so horrible was because it was better and healthier then theirs. Depending on where the tribe lived their work “week” could be as low as 4 hours. Of course women did most of the work, still it was less then a white woman’s load and they had far more personal freedom

Laws had to pass laws forbidding whites from joining tribes. Men and women found that life more appealing

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