I am nearing my goal of moving in to my house. That will not mean the house is done, it will mean its sealed in well enough to withstand the up coming cold weather while I work on the inside. I tend to be much more productive when I’m in the middle of the mess. It will also be much easier to take breaks and work on other projects

Now that I can see spots of light along that dark tunnel I’m starting to wonder what is next? I do need to get my chicken, duck, Goose house up for the birds, wish the damn rain would stop. I could probably have that done in two days if I wasn’t battling rain and winds

I want to landscape my yard but it will be May or June before that’s even a possibility. I consider myself on the lazy side. I would love to lounge around and read books and nap throughout the days but my brain is to hyper. I drive my fur kids crazy. Just when they get settled around me I’m popping up again

My daughter has visions of me spending long winter days baking treats and comfort meals. Ive thought of that too but as much as we love to eat we’d be the size of small orcas by end of winter if I indulged us

Ive been toying with the idea of taking online classes during the dark times. I know my spelling and punctuation suck, Ive been told so by English teachers and college professors since I was 14. Wish Hogwarts did online classes

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