3 Reasons Millennials Are Waiting to Get Married
The Gottman Institute

I disagree with Ansari about “millennial” wanting true love instead of just “water” That is not to say they don’t want true love and lasting relationships what I’m saying is they are not the first and I really hope they won’t be the last

Every happy couple in my age range (60 and above) all wanted and found their true love and soul mate but then marriage counselors don’t meet these people in their offices, there is no need to

One thing all these couples had in common was being best friends before they moved on to be lovers. All were mature enough to know that looks fade, sex drive may diminish and illness can wreck havoc in a relationship but when you are best friends with the others welfare as important or more so then your own you build a solid foundation that can hold in spite of what time throws at you

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