I don’t think a day passes without seeing a post telling people how to succeed or some variation on that theme

I have read many of them and one thing they nearly all have in common is the assumption that what the author considers being a success is what you or I would call being successful

For the most part I disagree. Being rich has never been a goal for me. Being the next Mary Higgins Clark has never been a goal. I write because I have a bodily need to let some of the activity in my brain loose on the world and if someone else reads what I say and likes it that is some frosting on my cake

A life long activity has been animal rescue. For years I stuck with cats and dogs. Since my husband died my daughter has been introducing variety into our home. We have birds, rats, mice, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and chinchillas. Now that is something I consider a success

I no longer have to work and with my back injury there are few jobs I could qualify for. This leaves in time for my animals, to work on my house, to study Italian and to write and there will be more to come. Another big success in my mind

Somehow I don’t think the people dreaming of a successful future see being unemployed and living on social security while bringing home needy animals to be the top of the mountain they are climbing

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